We are a family company who before deciding to create this activity, has experienced those same feelings for several years. Having lived this unforgettable experience, we decided to go ahead and create Vintage Campers. Proposing unique moments using vehicles customized with the client’s taste and style in mind, while also equipped with all essential requirements. This is also where the environmental component comes in, which this type of activity wishes to enrich.

We invest on a personalised service, in accordance with the wishes and expectations of those who seek us. Well positioned locally, we know all, or almost all of what the client seeks through this type of tourism.

There is nothing more beautiful to enjoy, from an island full of almost secret places, hidden in nature, than the use of a Vintage campervan, with all of its associated spirit. On this type of tourism, freedom is up to each individual to manage. Stress? Our campervans do not have the adequate storage equipment.

Staying young forever is the dream of many. Sometimes it is just about the lifestyle. Since Campervan enthusiasts are from the most unexpected age groups, the enjoyment is shared by all. You either have the spirit or you don’t.

Included is the comfort, which allows the freedom of choice, in accordance with the weather, the activities available, or simply entertaining friends. And it is possible to change plans in total freedom, anytime. A home that takes you wherever, whenever. If we think that in Madeira, within a few kilometres, we can create a completely different and alternative program. Surfing, Levada walks, BTT, canyoning , gastronomy, bird watching, photography and video. Oh, and the flowers… All this without having to move house, using a hotel, or a separate mean of transportation. Even the climate can be changed. Each a King in their own personal world.

To all that will take good care of our campervans, as we do, that wish to relax and discover the island intensely and without stress, we promise an immerging experience, which “All Inclusive” tourists can only dream about.

How many stars can a hotel hold? How many stars does the sky hold, when seen from a Campervan?