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¡Hola, mundo!

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Excursión en barco a la Isla Secreta

Seguro que ya has visto nuestros servicios y actividades extra. Hay muchas y puedes disfrutar de cualquiera. Pero hoy queremos hacer un especial hincapié en las excursiones en barco por la isla. ¿Recuerdas el libro sobre Robinson Crusoe? ¡Tienes la oportunidad de experimentar un trozo de su vida por ti mismo!

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Discover the Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is always so much fun! This is one from our activities that we propose you – unique great chance to dive in all senses to the underwater world and fully immerse into extraordinary atmosphere. Swimming with beautiful fish in a clean water is a fantastic chance to explore the underwater life.

Helicopter Tours

Private and sharing helicopter flights from the villa for your pleasure and business are now available to be booked with a significant discount for our guests. We want our guests to see all the beauty our place has and created helicopter tours. Now every one can see beautiful bays and gulfs our country has.

Special Discounts for Castles Tour!

There is something special about castles and you will be able to see it with your own eyes! Old mysterious constructions won’t leave you indifferent as soon as you see them. And if you stay at our hotel, we have something very interesting to offer you – we have partnered up with several tour operators […]