Terms & Conditions

Who can rent our campervans?

All people over 25 years, with category B driving license for at least five years.

All our insurance options include own damage and liability in accordance with the Portuguese legislation.

The 1st insurance option is included in the rental price is a deposit of € 1500.00, this option allows to travel outside Portugal, however we have two more insurance options.

The 2nd option, Balanced option, by a raise on the daily rate, € 12.00 / day, the hirer reduces the security deposit to €900. This option allows to travel outside Portugal, allows 2 drivers and includes extra windscreen coverage

The 3rd option VIP insurance option, by a raise on the daily rate, € 20.00 / day, the hirer reduces the security deposit to €500. This option includes occupants insurance, unlimited additional driver tax for free and includes a tire coverage insurance too. This option allows to travel outside Portugal.

Break isolated glasses – for € 6.00 / day, if you do not subscribe the 3rd insurance option, you can choose to include glasses on insurance.

Subscription of an additional conductor – 5,00 € / day.

Drivers under 25 and over 65 years adds 50% to the value of the collateral and may not the maximum value of the collateral exceeds € 2,000.00.

Security Deposit
What is the security deposit?
The security deposit corresponds to the insurance deductible and matches the liability in case of accident, the car theft, damage inside the campervan or estravio of existing equipment in it.

*You can find the value of security deposit on the details page of evety van.

How can you made the security deposit?
The deposit is preferably carried out by credit card, but can also be Paypal, bank transfer, or money . The deposit is made upon the check-in of the motorhome.

Optional extras
You can also hire more extra equipment such as GPS, mobile TV, bicycles, surfboards, surf suits, etc which are quoted will of the rental of the campervan.
See also our optional equipment on our website, on the page of the extras in https://campervanportugal.com/extras/
The rental price includes Lisbon train/hotel/airport transfers*to the campervan and from there to Lisbo Airport*
bedding*, utensils kitchenware (cutlery, plates, cups, pan, skillet, coffee maker, large spoon, wooden spoon, …), map of Portugal, script of campsites, flashlight, dimming equipment glasses or blackout curtains, welcome kit (tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, matches, napkins), gas tank, full diesel tank (have to be delivered full).

*Free for rentals longer more than 4 days.

Planning service and advice for your holiday with Campervan
We also have a counseling service in planning your vacation completely free.
We advise places to visit, tourist attractions, monuments, castles, palaces, museums, beaches, mountains, nature reserves, tourist routes, where to eat, what to eat, advising on wine, where to spend the night, etc.

To Book
We can only guarantee your reservation by paying 50% of the total amount. The remaining 50% could be paid in cash in the check in act, by bank transfer up to 5 business days before starting your trip with campervan. We accept payments also by Crédit Card, débit card, Paypal, MoneyGram, Western Union, TransferWise and Transfer Go.

Payment Methods
As forms of rental payment we accept bank transfer, MB, VISA or Mastercard and PayPal, debit card, Western Union, Money Gram, transferWise and Transfer Go. The reservation will be sucessfull just when we receive the 50% amount. In pickup act, the presentation of a credit card is required as guarantee for the security of it.

Additional Fees
We deliver the clean motorhome inside and out, with the clean water tank and full diesel fuel and the empty waste water tank. If returning the motorhome as the received will not be charged additional fees (cleaning – 30€ , toilet not empty or unclean).

Check in / check out on Sundays or outside our opening hours (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) has an additional fee of € 30.00. Payments through Paypal have extra charge = 3.55% (within the EU), 3.99% (USA), 4.55% (European states but outside the EU), 4.99% (outside Europe).
Payments with credit card and international debit card has an extra charge = 1.95%.
Realization of the deposit in debit card or cash has an administrative cost of € 40.00.

The transfer of the motorhome on the motorways with the toll road or on the portals is the sole responsibility of the owner of the rental, and the amount owed is charged after the check out = € 5.00 + value in debt + 1.95%.

Cancellation policy
Up to 1 month before starting the trip with the camper is entitled to reimbursement of the total amount of the rental.
Between 1 month and 15 days before starting the journey is entitled to reimbursement of 50% of the total rental. Less than 15 days to the beginning of the journey lose the full value of the aluguer.
In case of breakdown or accident of a part of the campervan that does not result from its use add a fee in the repair value to be stipulated by proforma invoice send the repairman, this amount shall be removed from the collateral value within 10 business days.
Our campervan are equipped with electronic device for toll collection and is only valid for tolls, and the tolls charged on the day of check out the campervan.

Delivery and collection of the campervan out of our offices
The delivery and collection of the campervan on the airport airport have an extra a fee: 60,00€